May saw the Sunday Times release its annual Giving List for 2021, where those in the UK are ranked depending on their ‘Giving Index’. This index is calculated by dividing the total sum of an individual or group of individuals by their total wealth, giving a percentage figure.

But who exactly are these generous givers who come from all aspects of society? How did they earn their riches? And what forms of charity are they most interested in? Below, Silver Linings News devotes a separate article to take a look at each of those who made it into the top 20 of the list:

4) Dame Janet de Botton

The Sunday Times Giving List ranks British bridge player, art collector and philanthropist Dame Janet de Botton at number four after charitable donations of 68.3m this year, a generous 34.13% of her £200m net worth.

De Botton is a Trustee of Tate and Chairman of the Council of Tate Modern and has made considerable donations to the Tate of over sixty pieces – earning her ranking in the top 200 art collectors by American magazine ARTnews.

She was made Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2006, a chivalry reward for contributions to charitable and welfare organisations, arts and sciences and public service outside of the civil service.

In 2010 the Wolfson Foundation, an organisation that awards ‘grants to support and promote excellence in education, science and medicine, heritage, humanities and the arts and health and disability,’ appointed De Botton as the new chairman.

De Botton was blessed with a privileged background, as daughter of Lord Wolfson of Marylebone, and granddaughter of Isaac Wolfson in the Great Universal Stores family. She was previously married to multi-billionaire Michael Green, and her late husband Gilbert de Botton was a swiss financier who in 1999 sold Global Asset Management for £234m.