May saw the Sunday Times release its annual Giving List for 2021, where those in the UK are ranked depending on their ‘Giving Index’. This index is calculated by dividing the total sum of an individual or group of individuals by their total wealth, giving a percentage figure.

But who exactly are these generous givers who come from all aspects of society? How did they earn their riches? And what forms of charity are they most interested in? Below, Silver Linings News devotes a separate article to take a look at each of those who made it into the top 20 of the list:

3) Jonathan Ruffer

Financier and philanthropist Jonathan Ruffer made The Sunday Times Giving List after leading the regeneration project to save old mining town Bishop Auckland in County Durham, with donations of £61.9m in 2020.

With a wealth valuation of £159m, this gives Ruffer a remarkable Giving Index of 38.92%. His primary source of wealth comes from his co-founder ownership of Ruffer Investment Management, which he started up in 1994 with Robert Shirley and Jane Tufnell. In 2018 the business had a valuation of £22.1 billion in assets – but Ruffer has proved to not be all about the money. He is a committed evangelical Christian, the driving force behind his philanthropy.

Ruffer’s philanthropic projects started in 2012 where he donated £1 million to the Durham Foundation, followed by a further £15 million in order to preserve Durham’s Auckland Castle, where he also chairs the Auckland Castle Trust.

A further £18 million was donated in 2013 for the restoration of the Bishop’s palace and to create a museum about the history of faith in Britain. Ruffer’s art collection is also displayed in Bishop Auckland, consisting of rare paintings by baroque seventeenth-century Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbaran. This regeneration project has the aim of driving tourism, which in turn would benefit causes in culture, heritage, education, and ’empowers the community’.