May saw the Sunday Times release its annual Giving List for 2021, where those in the UK are ranked depending on their ‘Giving Index’. This index is calculated by dividing the total sum of an individual or group of individuals by their total wealth, giving a percentage figure.

But who exactly are these generous givers who come from all aspects of society? How did they earn their riches? And what forms of charity are they most interested in? Below, Silver Linings News devotes a separate article to take a look at each of those who made it into the top 20 of the list:

20) Lord Edmiston

Commencing our top 20 list of charitable individuals and families is Lord Edmiston. Worth £897m, Robert Norman Edmiston is deemed to have recently donated £46.3m to charitable causes, according to The Sunday Times. In turn, Lord Edmiston’s Giving Index calculates to 5.16%.

Plying his trade as a motor trade entrepreneur through the IM Group, Lord Edmiston is also a major property owner with IM Properties. The 75-year-old had acted as finance director at the sports car manufacturer Jensen Motors, before establishing International Motors and acquiring the UK franchises of both Subaru and Isuzu.

Lord Edmiston’s donations tend to follow one particular theme: Christianity. An Evangelical Christian, he established Christian Vision, an international evangelical charity, in 1988.

Elsewhere, Lord Edmiston has provided funding to sponsor a trio of schools in Coventry, Solihull, and Darlaston. The Grace Schools and Academy follow a Christian Model, with Edmiston acting as chair of the governors at all three schools.

However, the schools have been shadowed by controversy over the past decade, with The Independent claiming in 2013 that it had adopted policies that mirrored a set of old anti-gay legislation. Moreover, questions have been raised over where public funding for the schools was ending up, with Shadow Schools Minister, Kevin Brennan, saying in 2014 that it is “deeply concerning that so much taxpayer money is ending up in the pockets of academy chain directors and trustees”.