May saw the Sunday Times release its annual Giving List for 2021, where those in the UK are ranked depending on their ‘Giving Index’. This index is calculated by dividing the total sum of an individual or group of individuals by their total wealth, giving a percentage figure.

But who exactly are these generous givers who come from all aspects of society? How did they earn their riches? And what forms of charity are they most interested in? Below, Silver Linings News devotes a separate article to take a look at each of those who made it into the top 20 of the list:

18) Trond Mohn and Marit Mohn Westlake

Brother and sister duo Trond Mohn and Marit Mohn Westlake are one of the wealthiest to place within The Sunday Times’ 2021 Giving List. The pair boast a net worth of over £1.25bn, and together gave recent donations of £81.7m.

This meant that Trond, who was born in Scotland but made his fortune in Norway, and his sister Marit received a Giving Index of 6.49%.

Despite the Mohns making their riches via the family business Frank Mohn AS, which supplies submerged cargo pumps to the tanker market, the pair are well renowned for their charitable donations.

Previously placing 19th on the Giving List in 2014, the brother and sister once provided a $135m Christmas gift to the Bergen Research Foundation.

With their efforts attributed by The Sunday Times as mainly medical, sports, education, and arts based, one major point of philanthropy from the family comes through The Mohn Westlake Foundation.

Since its inception in 2016, the organisation, which was established by Marit Mohn and her son Stian Westlake, has pledged over £48m in charitable causes in the UK. This was made possible by Marit’s sale of her stake in Frank Mohn AS, which incidentally made her the richest woman in Norway at the time.