May saw the Sunday Times release its annual Giving List for 2021, where those in the UK are ranked depending on their ‘Giving Index’. This index is calculated by dividing the total sum of an individual or group of individuals by their total wealth, giving a percentage figure.

But who exactly are these generous givers who come from all aspects of society? How did they earn their riches? And what forms of charity are they most interested in? Below, Silver Linings News devotes a separate article to take a look at each of those who made it into the top 20 of the list:

15) Gerald Ronson

It’s safe to say that Gerald Ronson has not been a character of goodwill for the entire span of his professional career. In fact, Ronson is a highly known British figure for his involvement with the Guinness Four.

Part of the Guinness share-trading scandal of the 1980s, Ronson was later convicted of one charge of conspiracy, two of false accounting, and one of theft. The result was a hefty £5m fine and a one-year jail sentence.

However, Ronson’s time in prison has not hampered his philanthropic efforts, as the London-born businessman, together with his family, placed 15th on The Sunday Times 2021 Giving List. Ronson’s £735m net worth gave way to £54.1m recent donations, giving him a 7.36% Giving Index, as reported by the publication.

The report attributed Ronson’s charitable donations to the areas of medicine, the arts, education, and Jewish community. This has been carried out by his involvement as the Founding Chairman of the Jewish Community Security Trust, Vice-President at the NSPCC, and President of JCoSS.

A notable show of appreciation for Ronson’s charitable efforts came in 2012, when he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) despite his previous run in with the law.