‘The Reverend’ Provides Christmas Cheer for Lonely Fans

After a grim year for music artists and gig-goers alike, Jon McClure provided entertainment and support to some of his faithful followers. McClure, who is known by the moniker ‘The Reverend’ offered the chance of attending private Zoom gigs for his fans who were feeling lonely this Christmas season.

 The lead singer of Sheffield band ‘Reverend and the Makers’ had touted the idea six days before Christmas Day on his Twitter account. ‘The Reverend’ tweeted that he would be willing to perform live on Zoom for fans who would be on their own on the 25 December, and he delivered on his promise emphatically.

The move came following a Government announcement that saw tighter restrictions introduced in several regions throughout the country over the festive period. Large swathes of the population had seen their plans to meet up with family members torn up at the last minute after yet another U-turn from those in Whitehall, and McClure recognised that this would leave several of his fans stranded alone at a time when being with loved ones is usually so integral.

The singer is a devoted family man, and so his decision to set aside time to brighten up the days of others has been extremely appreciated. Steve, a supporter from York, told us of the joy Jon McClure had brought to his friend Rachel at Christmas, one of the fans selected for an exclusive performance. ‘The Reverend’ performed Rachel’s favourite song ‘Bandits’ and Steve told us that this gesture from the “decent and kind-hearted” singer “made my friend’s year.”

Not even a faulty zoom connection, something which I am sure we have all fallen foul to at some point this year, could not stop ‘The Reverend’. Steve noted the personal touch from Jon in ensuring the performance would go ahead by “calling Rachel” on her phone after several technical difficulties on the video communication app to ensure he “delivered on his promise.”

This is not the first time that McClure has shown his appreciation for his loyal fanbase, as well as the key workers who have played such a vital role in combatting the virus this year. In May, the front man put on a remote gig for frontline workers in his hometown, whilst his presence online has offered regular interaction for those wishing to connect with one of their heroes.

McClure converses about politics, music and perhaps most importantly football, and his beloved side Sheffield Wednesday, with his Twitter followers, the kind of conversation so many have been missing as a result of seeing their friends less often due to the requirement of social distancing. On this matter, Steve added that McClure’s “social media presence has kept him in contact with his fans,” and that time and time again this year ‘The Rev’ has proved that “he would do anything for anyone if he thought it would help them in anyway.”

Just days after spreading Yuletide glee to his fans, the 38-year-old Yorkshireman performed a rousing rendition of the Gayla Peevey ditty ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ in an online charity concert for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. ‘The Reverend’ joined other notable figures, including Rick Savage, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Dan Walker to help raise valuable funds for a new cancer ward at the Hospital.

In a turbulent year which brought out the worst qualities in so many, McClure has provided a ray of sunshine for his dedicated supporters. His actions have given so many people memories that they will not be forgetting in a hurry.