The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) presents the main assumptions of the New Polish Deal, as dramatic changes are to be made to all walks of life in Poland.

Law and Justice have divided the assumptions of the New Deal into several steps. They concern key topics such as health care, work, house buying, identity issues, and new solutions for village residents.

Health care

The PiS intends to increase spending on health care. In 2023 they are to reach six percent of GDP, and in 2027 to increase by a further point to seven percent. “This is a huge amount,” said Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the Law and Justice party in a recent speech.

The new funds will be allocated to investments, digitalisation, new staff, and modern therapies. “We need more doctors. We have to educate them from the outside. Also, this applies to nurses and other employees of medical professions,” noted the leader of the Law and Justice party.

The Hospital Modernisation Fund and the Medical Fund will also be established. “We will adjust the infrastructure in GP surgeries and specialist clinics. The conditions will finally be much better,” added Kaczyński.

Additionally, a Hospital Development Agency will be established. Unfortunately, in Poland, some hospitals have not reached their potential. Such an issue has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Thanks to the reform, hospitals will be taken over by professionals and doctors. They will be “better financed and better managed,” the Law and Justice party declared.

The agency is set to develop special programmes, to help manage hospitals more effectively. It will also monitor the way that they are implemented. The solution proposed by PiS assumes the creation of a professional corporation of managers and a change in the ownership structure of hospitals in a sweeping change to medical care across the nation.

The system for handling the most severe diseases will also be reorganised. A mechanism is to be created that will coordinate the process of combating oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

The PiS also announced an increase in the minimum wages for medical staff and the lifting of limits for specialists in an effort to reduce queues to see doctors.

Tax-free allowance 

The ruling party has announced projects that will create 500,000 new jobs. The PiS also announced significant changes to the tax system.

The income-tax-free allowance will rise to 30,000 PLN. “65 percent of pensioners and the lowest earners will be exempt from fees,” announced Jarosław Kaczyński. 

Moreover, the PiS will introduce the Middle-Class Support Program. The tax threshold for the 32 percent rate will increase from 85,000 to 120,000 PLN, which means that the second threshold will include people with incomes higher than 10,000 PLN monthly. “More money will remain in the pockets of the middle class. At the same time, the billing system also will be simplified even more,” Jarosław Kaczyński suggested.

The health insurance contribution is also expected to come into force, which will amount to nine percent. It will be calculated in proportion to income. 

“We will also strive to abolish junk contracts. We want one model of the employment contract,” Jarosław Kaczyński assured in his speech. Contributions are to be deducted not only from employment contracts.

The investment fund

Due to the issue of development bonds, a special fund will be launched. After the pandemic is over, it will finance the reconstruction and modernisation of the country. These funds, in addition to nearly 770 bn PLN, under the new financial perspective of the EU, will be used to catch up with the countries of Western Europe, the PiS has announced. 

The PiS also announced the construction of nurseries for 10,000 children, over 4,000 common rooms and renovations in almost 4,000 schools. The modernisation of 3,600 sports fields and sports centres will also be supported. 

Apartments without own contribution and help with mortgage repayment

The PiS revealed the housing without own contribution plan to cover people who want to finance the purchase of an apartment or construction of a house. The breakthrough on this issue is that the need to have cash for one’s own contribution will be removed, and the capacity certified by the bank alone will be enough to take out a loan.

Apartments without permission

The PiS also announced the possibility of building a house up to 70 square meters without a permit, project manager and construction book. Only a notification will be required to start the investment.


In his speech, the PiS leader emphasised his support for Polish farmers, who play a critical role in Poland’s economy. “Those who try to underestimate the countryside are silly. This is Poland, and every patriot must know it,” said Jarosław Kaczyński. As he emphasised, in the New Polish Deal, there will be some solutions addressed specifically to agricultural workers.

There will be an act on the family farm to regulate inheritance matters and the possibility of transferring property without disposing of it. “This is a big barrier for the elderly and tired,” asserted the PiS leader. 

The procedures related to the registration of agricultural machinery will also be simplified with the use of technology, which will dramatically speed up such processes.

The PiS also intends to supply gas to the Polish countryside and create new water supply and sewage systems. In smaller towns, which cannot be reached by the current power grid, special collectors will be built, one of which will be able to supply up to 200 farms.