The Long History of Recycling and Why it Needs to Change to Save Our Planet

Recycling has existed since the Bronze Age. So, why are we having bigger problems than ever before? What are the solutions to the issues surrounding recycling?

Germany Bans the Production of New Disposable Plastic Products

From 3 July 2021, Germany has banned the production and sales of new single-use plastic products

18 Million Trees for the Climate: The Clyde Climate Forest Project

Over the next decade, the city of Glasgow is planning to plant 18 million trees in the rural hinterland, on abandoned open cast coal mines, urban streets, derelict land, and other civic spaces

Tactful Conservation in the Yorkshire Dales and Malham Tarn Estate

The British Isles is home to many areas of natural beauty: The Parish Wild Life Project is ensuring that the legendary Yorkshire Dales retains its charm and enchanting character

John Green’s ‘The Anthropocene Reviewed’ Paves the Way for a Literary Environmental Awareness

John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed sets out environmentally conscious texts in a non-technical manner, bringing the discourse into mainstream literature

How Vortex-shaped ‘Skybrator’ Turbines Will Blow the World Away

A Spanish start-up appears to have made the next step in Renewable Energy, and it could allow people to have turbines in their gardens in the future

Panama’s Indigenous Community Celebrates Monumental Land Rights Win

Demands of the Naso tribe have finally been acknowledged in a landmark victory for ancestral territory rights

Coca-Cola Trials Debut Paper Bottle

The industry giant wants to eliminate plastic from its packaging entirely

Norwegian Ferry Operator Orders Zero-Emission Vessels

Norwegian ferry operator Boreal Sjö has ordered two zero-emission battery powered ferries to help move the country further towards sustainable shipping

Morrisons Trials Paper Bags in Stores

The supermarket chain Morrisons has plans to replace reusable plastic bags in its stores and has started trialling paper alternatives

Beer Lovers ‘Queue’ for Free Lost Lager

Donna Butler spent her Friday night queuing for the world’s first carbon negative lager, the creation of… you guessed it, BrewDog

Arsenal Joins UN’s Climate Change Initiative

Arsenal has reinforced its commitment to combat climate change by becoming the first Premier League club to sign up to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework

Coral Reef Refuge Discovered in Tanzanian Waters

A flourishing coral sanctuary has been discovered off the coast of Tanzania, and it needs to be protected at all costs

Ten Things that Actually Went Right In 2020

Always trying to see the silver lining, here are ten positive things to remind yourself that this year has had good moments

‘What’s Cooking Omari?’ 12-Year-Old Vegan Chef Scores Cooking Show Slot on CBBC

Omari McQueen has made history in the past few years as the youngest Chef to own a restaurant, cookbook, and now TV show

International Cooperation Smothers Six Month-Long Fire

The Oil India well fire that started raging nearly six months ago has been extinguished

Earthworks: Championing Social Inclusion and Sustainability for 25 Years

Earthworks is an award-winning charity from St. Albans that gives horticultural working opportunities to those with learning disabilities

Héctor Bellerín Joins the Forest ‘Green Revolution’

Arsenal’s Héctor Bellerín has taken his devotion to environmental sustainability a step further by investing in the world’s first carbon-neutral sports club

Alternative Search Engine Ecosia Plants 100 Million Trees

One search engine is setting an example for future cohesion between technology and environment