Why Students Should Support Universal Basic Income

Louis Stappazzon’s UBI motion with the University of Manchester Students’ Union passed with 83% of the votes, here he provides the wider picture

Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company Wins Prestigious Award

The Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company has won the 2021 Heritage Railway Association award for being an outstanding visitor attraction

The New Polish Deal: Ruling Party Reveals the Details

As the Polish Law and Order Party announced the arrival of a New Polish Deal, Adrian Pakuszewski gets to grips with the key talking points

John Green’s ‘The Anthropocene Reviewed’ Paves the Way for a Literary Environmental Awareness

John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed sets out environmentally conscious texts in a non-technical manner, bringing the discourse into mainstream literature

The Future is Electric Energy

Elon Musk and Tesla’s recent U-turn regarding crypto payments is just one cog in a wheel of energy awareness that is beginning to turn ever faster

Dutch Couple Moves into Europe’s First Habitable 3D Printed House

In the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Europe’s first inhabitants of a legally habitable 3D printed house have just moved in

Biden Vows to Halve US Emissions by 2030

The Biden administration has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52% by 2030

South Africa to End Captive Lion Breeding and Bone Trade

Activists celebrate the news that South Africa has plans to cease breeding lions for hunting purposes

The Rewilding of Knepp Wildland

Delve into the Rewilded estate of Horsham’s Knepp Wildland, with red deep, purple emperor butterflies, and peregrine falcons

How Leicester City’s FA Cup Victory Was a Win for Football

Leicester City won their first ever FA Cup on Saturday afternoon, overcoming Chelsea to win 1-0 at Wembley: The club’s owners have built strong foundations that have established them as top four challengers, and have added more silverware to their trophy cabinet

Gentoo Penguin Chicks Born at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the birth of nine gentoo penguin chicks that were hatched this week

Two Silver Linings of Covid: Why we Need a Green Recovery Now

In collaboration with Green Recovery Now and the Oxford Strategy Review, Oliver Storey discusses why the pandemic is an opportunity for the systemic changes necessary to fight the climate crisis

Three UFC Kings Lead the Way For Africa’s Next Generation of MMA Talent

After two decades of Northern and Southern American dominance in the UFC, three African fighters are making their mark and inspiring a new generation

Thomp2: ‘Spreading Love Through Socks’

Thomp2 is a Dublin based company on the rise, providing customers with stylish socks and raising money for customers along the way

Mercedes Gives Grosjean Opportunity to Leave F1 on a Positive Note

Romain Grosjean left Formula 1 after his awful crash last November, but Mercedes has given him a chance to drive an Formula 1 car one last time, and leave the sport with happier memories

First ‘Green Happy Café’ Coming to Northampton

Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust has been awarded £50,000 of funding from the Thriving Communities Fund, turning a historic Northampton space into a Green Happy Cafe

What the NASA Perseverance Rover Has Been Doing Since Landing on Mars

For the best part of three months now, scientists have used the Mars rover Perseverance to conduct various experiments on the ‘Red Planet’: Here’s what Perseverance has been up to

For Once, the Money Did Not Ruin our Game

A second analysis of the failed European Super League, viewed through the eyes of Constantinos Kyriakou

Barcelona’s Test Gig with 5,000 Fans a Roaring Success

Spanish researchers found no sign of increased coronavirus infection, while England recently conducted similar experiment

Severn Valley Railway to Convert Diesel Locomotive to Hydrogen Power

The Severn Valley Railway in Kidderminster has teamed up with the University of Birmingham and Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions to create a new hydrogen powered locomotive

Derek Chauvin, Guilty on All Counts

The death of George Floyd sparked international protests against police brutality and racial injustice – on April 20, 2021 justice was served.

Football Fans Rejoice Failed Super League

The footballing world drew a collective sigh of relief as a proposed breakaway league, which threatened the game as we know it, came tumbling down

How Will Biden Collaborate With China?

After three months in office, President Biden’s international policy is beginning to take shape: Arlind Hajdini looks at how this could impact the relationship between the US and China

Museum’s Shop Turned Into Artist-designed Supermarket

London Design Museum teamed up with Bombay Sapphire and designer Camille Walala to shine a light on the importance of creativity

Astronauts Safely Return From Space Station

After six months aboard the International Space Station members of the NASA/Roscosmos Expedition 64 team have landed safely in Kazakhstan

SpaceX Wins Contract to Put Humankind Back on the Moon

The sizeable reputation of Elon Musk in the world of space exploration was enhanced further as his company SpaceX won a NASA contract to put humankind back on the moon

Waste Not Want Not: Fashion Brands Unite to Donate Unwanted Materials to Students

Fashion brands have partnered, with the British Fashion Council to donate unwanted materials to UK fashion students

How Vortex-shaped ‘Skybrator’ Turbines Will Blow the World Away

A Spanish start-up appears to have made the next step in Renewable Energy, and it could allow people to have turbines in their gardens in the future

Italy Celebrates #CarbonaraDay 2021

Last week, Italians came together remotely to celebrate #Carbonara Day, an annual event that champions the signature Roman dish

Light Pollution Drops in the UK Thanks to ‘Lockdown Effect’

CPRE’s annual star count has shown lockdown restrictions to have improved our night skies

Lou Macari: The Former Manchester United Hero Fighting Homelessness

Former Scotland international Luigi ‘Lou’ Macari has spent the last five years fighting homelessness in Stoke – here’s the lowdown on his latest project

Brixham Venue Wins Best Café Award

A small café in Brixham has won the 2020 Devon Tourism Award for best café after winning over the hearts, and bellies, of the local community

Seaspiracy: Netflix Documentary Reveals Best Way to Protect Sea Life

Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ has become a point of much discussion in the last week, as director Ali Tabrizi revealed the best method to protect marine life

WallStreetBets: The Power of Online Communities

The Reddit group, WallStreetBets are showcasing what can be achieved when people join together – most recently the online community has brought positive change by adopting 3,500 gorillas in just six days

New President Renews Pro-Active Approach to Climate Change

President Biden acted immediately to reverse the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change Agreement

NASA’s SLS Moon Rocket Passes Key Test

A crucial step forward in NASA’s Artemis programme to return humans to the Moon

Formula One Season Preview: New Names, New Tracks and Closer Racing

Lights out, and away we go! The new Formula One season gets underway in Bahrain

Historic Locomotive Becomes New Museum Attraction

After 40 years in the National Railway Museum, the Green Arrow steam locomotive is making a return to its Doncaster home

Sylvia Plath and The Hope of Renewal

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it. Feel it. Cling to it.” — Sylvia Plath.

Supposedly Extinct Black-Footed Ferret Successfully Cloned in US

The US native black-footed ferret was once thought to be extinct, but the discovery and preservation of a small colony has lead to the ability to clone, and create Elizabeth Ann