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Each month, we provide a breakdown of our latest facts and figures. These include how many views our posts got, where these came from, the amount of articles posted on the site, and our target for the next month.

The first month with tracked data took place in September 2020, with our 11 good news stories views 682 times from 12 different countries across the world.

By December 2020, the site was posting 42 articles a month, receiving 986 visits from 17 countries across the globe.

A change in approach in the New Year, alongside the introduction of some very talented writers saw article views jump to 1,645 in 22 countries from 20 articles throughout February 2021. By May, this had risen again to 1,750 views.

While we hope to keep growing our readership, spreading our good news stories over 10,000 times in under a year is already much more than originally planned. The next step – converting views into advertising money for charitable causes.