Mercedes Gives Grosjean Opportunity to Leave F1 on a Positive Note

When Romain Grosjean was almost killed in a crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix last November, the whole sporting world stood still. Spectators watched on as flames engulfed both him and his Haas.

Everyone held their breath. ‘Grosjean’s car crashed at 137mph, with an impact force of 53G. It split in two and speared through the metal barriers. The halo cockpit protection device had been decisive in keeping him alive, but he was swiftly engulfed in a fireball.’

But the worry was soon followed by relief when the Frenchman managed to escape the crash, with the only damage being burns on his hands. Grosjean was lucky to survive that crash, and since that day has always maintained a desire to return to the sport and leave F1 with more positive memories.

Prior to the race, Grosjean had already been replaced by Haas for the 2021 season, and given the condition of his hands, he was unable to race the final two rounds of the 2020 season. It certainly looked as though Grosjean’s last memory of the sport could very well be that crash.

The Frenchman made public his desire to have one last race in the sport. He said soon afterwards that, ‘if necessary, he would call every F1 team to ask for some time in a car just to finish his career in better circumstances.’

The 35-year-old, who now competes in IndyCar, has been given the opportunity to drive Lewis Hamilton’s 2019 title-winning car on one final return to F1. Following the crash, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff promised to give Grosjean one final race on an F1 track and has honoured his pledge.

Grosjean is scheduled to run a test day for Mercedes and drive demonstration laps at the French Grand Prix in June.

Grosjean is excited by this opportunity and is looking forward to it, stating that “it will be a special opportunity… to drive a world championship-winning Mercedes will be a unique experience.”

What this does show, is that some things are more important than competition in sport. Grosjean’s wish to leave the sport with fond memories has been realised by the most successful F1 team of the last decade.

Despite the amount of money floating around sports such as F1, emotion takes precedence.