Sam Astley, an England fan from the West Midlands, has been provided two free tickets for the final of Euro 2020 following a selfless act that saw him miss the semi-finals.

Vivo, a sponsor at the competition, came to the rescue, tweeting that “Sam deserves to be at the game” in return for his moment of sincere generosity and “we want to make it happen” for him and his girlfriend Beth Hill.

Astley had chosen to miss England’s 1-0 triumph over Denmark on Wednesday (10 July) to instead donate his bone marrow.

The procedure, which was facilitated by UK charity Anthony Nolan, consisted of Astley’s bone marrow containing stem cells from his hip bones being removed.

The 24-year-old told ITV News that, despite it being one of England’s most important matches in decades, “no football game is more important than anyone’s life”.

He added: “So being able to give the opportunity to somebody to have a chance at life and give them a bit more hope is way more important than any football game.”

Following Astley’s heroic decision, social media showed its best side, and Astley’s story blew up on Twitter.

Gemma Peters, CEO at Blood Cancer UK, asked her followers if there is “someone who can get him to the finals to say thanks?”

Picking up traction, Peters’ post was shared by Gary Lineker before Vivo stepped in and offered what thousands had been calling for.

Replying to the ordeal, Astley tweeted: “Thanks for the recognition @GaryLineker & thanks for all the wonderful messages off everyone! I’m glad @AnthonyNolan are getting more exposure so hopefully more people sign up to their register & give others a chance at life.

“The procedure went well and I’m now recovering.”