King’s Cross Given the Signal to Put Period Product Distribution into Locomotion

There are many causes for concern for those travelling by train. Making sure you arrive at the station with ample time, deciding whether to eat before, during or after the journey, working out which station and platform you need to catch your connecting train from. A prominent British train station wants to make sure that these are the only pressing issues for female passengers. 

King’s Cross station has connected with ‘Tricky Period’, a charity that distributes period products to tackle period poverty, making it the first train station in England to offer free period products to their customers.

The station, located in the borough of Camden, is one of the most recognisable and well-known in the world and has a storied history. Named after a monument dedicated to Hanoverian monarch of England George IV, King’s Cross has seen millions of muggles pass through its doors, as well as many nervous wizards and witches boarding the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 ¾, and is amongst the ten busiest stations in the country.

This station, then, provides the perfect platform for such an important development, as its great reputation and enormous body of commuters will provide a glistening light to set other transport hubs, and indeed other famous British landmarks on the right track.

To access the products, anyone can go up to the counter and simply select the items that they need and the person behind the desk will provide them discreetly to avoid any awkwardness for the customer. 

Tricky Period, a London-based charitable organisation, aims to provide period products to those who are unable to access or afford such items so that no woman risks poor health or humiliation. The period poverty gap that many women find themselves in, which they aim to eradicate, has been widened tenfold by the economic and social challenges posed by the pandemic. Unlike your train home this week, Tricky Period is attempting to make sure there will be no delay in combating this issue.

In addition to the pick up point in King’s Cross station, the charity has set up collection points in council libraries. Those in need can now collect period products from Kentish Town, Kilburn and Swiss Cottage libraries, in the north of the capital. This follows recent legislation in Scotland which will see period products become freely available in locations such as pharmacies and general practices.

King’s Cross is the first stop on this journey of progression, as if this move is successful then Tricky Period would like to implement more period points in other stations across the country. For many passengers throughout the nation then, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us hope that other stations will be all aboard with Kings Cross and there will not be any significant diversions in providing a more comfortable experience for all.