How Vortex-shaped ‘Skybrator’ Turbines Will Blow the World Away

A Spanish start-up appears to have found the most recent innovation in renewable energy — Vortex shaped wind turbines aptly branded ‘Skybrators’.

Vortex Bladeless’ wind turbines differ from traditional wind turbines as they feature one noticeable omission; blades.

Spanish inventor David Yáñez created an innovative design that recently won the approval of Norway’s state energy company, Equinor. His company, Vortex Bladeless, was also named on a list of the 10 most exciting start-ups in the energy sector. 

Certainly, the look of a bladeless wind turbine differs from the iconic appearance of traditional wind farms, but Yáñez emphasised his belief to co-exist alongside already well-established means of renewable energy. “We are not against traditional farms” the inventor said, “Our technology has different characteristics which can help to fill the gaps where traditional windfarms might not be appropriate.”

The potential applications of vortex-shaped wind turbines mirrors that of the home solar panel. Therefore, urban areas are being targeted as the area where Yáñez’s invention would have the most impact. These turbines take up considerably less space than a traditional wind turbine, and therefore would be ideally suited to urban areas.

Yáñez envisages a world in which houses benefit from both solar power and wind power. “They complement each other well, because solar panels produce electricity during the day while wind speeds tend to be higher at night.”

Vortex Bladeless, which currently consists of just six employees, is certainly striving towards its clear vision; one that could make a difference to a number of people’s lives.

At present, the start-up has been able to create a small but effective turbine, whilst also opening people’s eyes to the possibilities of the future and the continual innovation of the human race. But it won’t stop there.

Yáñez stated that his company is “looking for an industrial partner to scale up our plans to a 140-metre turbine with a power capacity of one megawatt.” This would likely be the step that takes Vortex Bladeless from innovative start-up to industrial heavyweight.

There are of course other companies trying to achieve the same goal as Yáñez, such as SkySails in Germany, who is trying to harness wind power by using automated kites in the sky.

One thing that is clear is that need for renewable energy is as prominent as ever. The world now desires more electric cars, more companies to become carbon neutral, and less single-use plastic.

There now appears to be a global recognition that the key to a bright future is renewable energy. The innovation and ambition displayed by Vortex Bladeless is another example of this, and only strengthens our hope of achieving a much greener future.