Whilst football is a fantastic sport, there are times that it is not so positive. From the continual issue of racism online, to a lack of empathy when footballers are suffering from external issues, footballers suffer too. Money and fame separate footballers from everyday people, and because of this, they are expected to deal with anything life throws at them.

Despite the amount of wealth someone may accumulate from their job, whatever that may be, life can make it very difficult for you to perform that job to the best of your ability. That is exactly what happened to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with his mother becoming ill at the beginning of January.

The Gabon international subsequently missed two consecutive games for Arsenal — a 1-0 defeat against Southampton in the FA Cup and a 3-1 win away in the Premier League, also against the Saints — so that he could go to see his mother.

Aubameyang publicly shared this information, stating that he rushed back to be with his ill mother. Aubameyang received many warm messages of support from fans, pundits and other footballers, who showed their understanding of the difficulties of his situation, despite him being a footballer.

Wealth is no substitute for support and the care that Arsenal’s captain received showed that the game is starting to change and people are more understanding than they previously were.

The striker, whom Arsenal had relied upon for goals last season (22 goals in 36 games), had struggled for form for a lot of this season. Thus, Aubameyang’s revelation led to many fans to believing that the ongoing family matter had somewhat affected his performance on the pitch.

Of course, the illness of his mother would definitely have had an impact, as ongoing family matters would impact anyone’s productivity at work.

Aubameyang missed those two games against Southampton and since his return, Arsenal have somewhat rediscovered their form. Whilst results have not improved as drastically as fans would have liked, with Arsenal recording a 0-0 draw against Manchester United and consecutive defeats against Aston Villa and Wolves, their performances have been far better.

The emergence of Emile Smith-Rowe, the form of Bukayo Saka, and the addition of Martin Odegaard have greatly contributed to this of course, as well as the return of the Gabonese international to lead the line.

Many felt that this Arsenal team were creating a number of chances and once Aubameyang rediscovered his goalscoring touch, the floodgates would open. This is exactly what happened on Sunday 14 February, where Arsenal demolished Leeds United 4-2. Aubameyang himself scored his first hat-trick for the Gunners, as Arsenal cruised to an emphatic victory.

Following this, Arsenal drew 1-1- with Benfica on Thursday in the Europa League. Despite what could be considered a disappointing result, the Gunners were on top for the majority of the game and if they keep creating chances at will, Aubameyang will certainly see his numbers soar between now and the end of the season.

What is more impressive, perhaps, is the resilience the 31-year-old has shown to overcome the difficulties and unpredictability of life, to rediscover his form.

In any line of work, people are lauded when they overcome difficulties and reach the same level of productivity as they had achieved previously. Footballers should be no different. Yes, they are wealthy and famous but everyone is human.

Humans have an innate ability to overcome the complications of life, and Aubameyang has certainly displayed this over the past two months.