This year has not lived up to its expectations, but many of us have been able to find the silver linings in the new normal.  The whole world has been affected by Covid-19, but there is hope in sight with the discovery and approval of vaccines that have already started to roll out across the world.

The NHS is coordinating the logistics of administering the two approved vaccines to date, Pfizer-BioNtech and Oxford-AstraZeneca, to as many of the 66 million people living in the UK — all whilst battling the ‘winter rush’, under-funding, and strains on staff and staffing levels as a result of the past nine months.  By just doing their jobs, the NHS staff are creating their own goodness daily.

During the national lockdown we stood on our doorsteps every Thursday to show our appreciation of the hard work undertaken by front line staff by way of a round of applause.  A free gesture to a free service.  The vaccines against Covid-19 are also offered for free to everyone, regardless of income or status, and there is no way of ‘jumping the queue’ by paying for it, meaning that the population is equally protected.

There are many that have stated that they would be willing to pay for their vaccine, even ‘pay it forward’ by buying two.  But there is no option for this.  The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine costs approximately £3 per vaccine and Pfizer-BioNtech £25.   

I am proposing we create our own silver lining for the NHS by donating to the NHS Together Charities Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, or any one of its registered charities in return for their vaccine, or on behalf of someone who is less fortunate.

A suggested donation of £3 – £25 would ‘pay’ for a vaccine and money raised would be used to support NHS staff.  Use the hashtag #Pledge4theNHS to show your support and visit the NHS Charities Together donation page to donate!