Charlette N’Guessan Becomes the First Female Winner of Africa Prize

Charlette N’Guessan, CEO of a Ghana-based software company, is crowned as the first woman to win the Africa Prize with her AI invention

Elon Musk Overtakes Mark Zuckerberg as World’s Third Richest Person

A divisive character, Elon Musk’s recent rise in wealth does show the value of innovation and ingenuity

Amazonian Tribe Triumphs in Lawsuit Against Brazilian Government

A historical feat; Amazonian tribe wins lawsuit against the Brazilian government for one million Brazilian Real and 4,950 square kilometres of land

McDonald’s to Introduce the ‘McPlant’

McDonald’s is set to launch the McPlant in 2021, further consolidating the trend that businesses are investing in the ever-emerging market that is meat-alternatives

Reusing Fibres is the Future of Fashion

H&M released the world’s first in-store clothes recycling system in August, a gigantic step for sustainable fashion

Microsoft’s Neptunian Cloud

Never heard of underwater data centres? Well they are extremely important and Microsoft have just announced a game-changing project

Alternative Search Engine Ecosia Plants 100 Million Trees

One search engine is setting an example for future cohesion between technology and environment