Prescription Only Videogames? A Serious Business

This week, Rachel looks into the brave new world of digital medicine and prescription video games, and their use as a treatment for psychiatric conditions. Can a key part of the problem become the solution?

Could Coronavirus be the Catalyst for Global Health Equality?

Telehealth has grown rapidly as a result of Covid-19, and it is definitely a silver lining to take from the pandemic

Cows’ Methane Problem and its Seaweed Solution

Targeting greenhouse gas emissions is one of the largest ways to combat climate change, and the introduction of seaweed to a cow’s diet could go some way to solving the problem

Nobel Chemistry Prize Won By Two Women

Women have been snubbed of the Nobel Prize in chemistry for over a century with only five women receiving the award since 1901 – that was until this year

Preventing Another Pandemic: Seasonal Flu Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Breakthroughs in trials hoping to produce an effective influenza vaccine could help curb another global pandemic

Saved by the Bees: A Breakthrough in Treatment of Terminal Breast Cancer

An extraordinary breakthrough via Australian Scientists has found a link between bees venom and the death of aggressive breast cancer cells