Waste Not Want Not: Fashion Brands Unite to Donate Unwanted Materials to Students

Fashion brands have partnered, with the British Fashion Council to donate unwanted materials to UK fashion students

WallStreetBets: The Power of Online Communities

The Reddit group, WallStreetBets are showcasing what can be achieved when people join together – most recently the online community has brought positive change by adopting 3,500 gorillas in just six days

Letters To A Loved Stranger: Delivering Words of Kindness

Letters to a Loved Stranger is an initiative that aims to create an online support network, for those who feel down and alone, through the kind words of strangers

Mission Possible: The Civilian Space Crew Set to Make History AND Raise Money for Charity

The crew members of Inspiration4 will go down in history, when they embark on the first all-civilian mission to space this year- a mission that will not only spread the message that anything is possible but raise funds for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Remembering Sir Captain Tom Moore: The Power of Optimism

In his autobiography, Captain Tom quotes a line from a favourite Vera Lynn song, called ‘Look for the Silver Lining’ which goes: ‘Whenever a cloud appears in blue, remember somewhere the sun is shining’

Collaboration is Key: The Initiative that Brings Brands Together to Conquer Fashion’s Sustainability Issues

The Apparel Impact Institute is encouraging industry-wide collaboration to combat fashion’s environmental footprint