Derek Chauvin, Guilty on All Counts

The death of George Floyd sparked international protests against police brutality and racial injustice – on April 20, 2021 justice was served.

Arab Allies Restore Diplomatic Ties With Qatar

After years of diplomatic and economic blockade the Gulf allies, Egypt and Qatar re-establish multilateral relationships

UK and EU Trade Deal: The Countdown to Brexit

An historic trade pact has been agreed between the UK and the EU, which foresees the former’s exit from the EU Single Market, Customs Union and all other EU policies

Mexico’s Minimum Wage Hike

The Mexican government battles economic inequality through the enforcement of a new stipend policy

What it Means to be Grateful in Times of Crisis

The past 12 months have provided much hardship and desperation, Andrea De La Garza sheds light on what she is grateful for as we look back at a turbulent year

Janet Yellen: Biden’s Expected Nominee for Treasury Secretary

If confirmed by the US Senate, Janet Yellen would be the first woman to retain the position of Treasury Secretary since the institution was established in 1789

Everything You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccines

Three key Covid-19 vaccine breakthroughs have been made in recent weeks, here is the low-down on them

International Cooperation Smothers Six Month-Long Fire

The Oil India well fire that started raging nearly six months ago has been extinguished