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Silver Linings News is composed of six sections: Business, Community, Environment, Opinion, Politics, and Sport.

Stories will be published once a day, every day of the week by our pool of brilliant writers, and shared across our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

We also send a weekly rundown of our Article’s of the Week via an email newsletter. Simply sign up via the pop ups on the site and click on our animations via the email to be taken straight to each good news story.
Our goals revolve on three key missions: to create community content, achieve broadsheet quality, and promote positivity.

Essentially, our focus is to brighten the omnipresent dark cloud that sits over the mainstream media’s headline stories by highlighting the unrecognised silver linings. The publication is created not with the desire to take away from the current crises we all face, but to round our perspectives on how we see the world.

As the publication grows, an ultimate ambition is to put advertising money towards charitable projects. While Silver Linings News is not at this stage yet, more reads will bring this ever closer and make the dream of doing good while spreading the good news a reality.
Founded in July 2020 during the height of the global pandemic, Silver Linings News was created in a bid to bring forward a compilation of global stories designed to lift people’s spirits.

The publication’s other key aim is to provide journalistic experience to those who wish to enter an extremely competitive industry in one of the toughest job markets in a generation.

Since its creation, over 200 articles have been published, almost 50 writers have been able to kickstart their careers in the industry, and our good news stories have been read more than 10,000 times.

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Harry is our Founder and Editor-in-Chief – he built the website from scratch in the Summer of 2020, and takes care of overseeing the publication as a whole.

He launched Silver Linings News with two aims: to unearth positive stories hidden amongst the general news bulletin, and to provide new writers with their first steps into a career in journalism.
Andrea is our Social Media Manager – responsible for all things creative, Andrea works to design innovative animations based off of our website’s content on a weekly basis.

She also handles our weekly quotes and facts, keeping on top of the trends and making the Silver Linings socials as aesthetic as possible! AND she created the publication’s new logo
Joey is our Digital Editor – he handles a portion of the publication’s sub-editing duties, ensuring the website content’s consistent quality and considering back-end issues such as SEO.

A writer with a keen interest in football and politics, Joey is a self-proclaimed “long-suffering Aston Villa fan” and history graduate from the University of Manchester.