Abel and Cole is the largest organic goods delivery service in the UK, and it has just turned 30.

The company’s success owes greatly to its values and business approach. It strives to preserve value, be righteous and responsible.

Organic produce differs from conventional produce in that natural processes and factors are not disturbed during production. For instance, Organic fruit and vegetables will not see the use of pesticides during their production. Such measures help produce wholesome goods that are rich in flavour, texture and nutrients. Organic produce is unsurprisingly expensive, given the special treatment applied during its production and effects generated thereby.

The consumption of such produce supports the non-use of chemical fertiliser and other artificial products, which is otherwise seen as necessary for the regulation of goods during production. Abel and Cole believes strongly in the need to keep things simple, pure, free from unnecessary intervention and working hard during the plight to maintaining this.

Keith Abel, the company’s founder, collaborated with Paul Cole During 1988, to transport their first batch of organically grown potatoes- harvested in Southeast of London. To transport the goods, they used, in their own words, a “tatty collection of old post office vans painted in white”. Following the success of this activity, they introduced their vegetable box and during the year 2000, began collaborating with their first Organic dairy Farmer Nick Grosling.

Dedication, hard work, improvisation, necessity and fundamentalism are key aspects of interest seen here within the company’s early years. It is crucial to note the type of crop grown at both instances where a transition and/or change was undergone. Potatoes are a stable root vegetable and the most native source of carbohydrates within the UK.

Carbohydrates provide us with energy-a most vital fuel. Dairy is a fundamental source of protein and fats. Protein supports bodily repair and the support of muscles- another major nutritional interest. Cole’s decision to start with potatoes sheds a light on the potential importance he associates with essential and fundamental nutrition. It also enforces the frame of thought that valuing the essential results in essential business productivity.

Post-2000, Abel and Cole began to market its business digitally and gained numerous awards honouring its sustainable efforts. The business maintains a minimalist and recycling heavy approach in facilitating the delivery of its products. Sheep’s wool is used to help appropriately acclimatise and contain goods for optimum freshness.

Abel and Cole notes that a lot of sheep’s wool is wasted by means of burning or burial. This occurs because the grade and quality of certain wool is too low to be of substantial help to the general consumer. “The wool we use isn’t high grade wool- you wouldn’t want to wear it as its too itchy!” the group says.

Regardless, the wool is especially useful to help insulate meat. Angela Morris, Abel and Cole’s CEO at the time, 2001, collaborated with the national trust and certain farmers to prove this was the case. Wool Cool is the company Abel and Cole have teamed with to enable this activity. Morris is still the current CEO!

Abel and Cole’s dedication to maintaining a wholeness in everything, from its production choices to delivery services and the people it chooses to collaborate with, is a testament to the quality and wholeness of its produce, and customer experience provided. It is safe to say Abel and Cole is just as organic themselves as the produce they trade.