First Fully-Electric Tugboat Commissioned in US

The Port of San Diego has commissioned a shipbuilder based in Jacksonville, Florida, to build a fully electric tugboat

How Nord Stream 2 Could Help Achieve the EU’s Climate Goals

Natural gas emits 50-60% less CO2 than coal, and the completion of the Nord Stream 2 may help the EU achieve its climate goals

Abel and Cole, Organics and Sustainability

Abel and Cole is the largest organic goods delivery service in the UK, and it has just turned 30

Paddleboarder Makes History for Charity

A sea safety campaigner from Torquay, Devon, has made history by becoming the first person to paddleboard along the coast from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The Long History of Recycling and Why it Needs to Change to Save Our Planet

Recycling has existed since the Bronze Age. So, why are we having bigger problems than ever before? What are the solutions to the issues surrounding recycling?

Removing the Oceans’ Microplastics with Mussel Excretions

The Plymouth Marine Laboratory is currently testing a water-filtration system that uses mussels to clean plastic particles from the ocean

Ben and Jerry’s Praised for Boycotting Illegal Settlements

A boycott of the Occupied Palestinian Territories by American confectionary giants Ben and Jerry’s aims to create a positive and peaceful legacy in the much disputed region

First Baby Beaver Born in Exmoor in 400 Years

A baby beaver has been born in Exmoor for the first time in 400 years: Conservationists hope this will see the animal become a mainstay in the British countryside

The Success of Iceland’s Shorter Working Week

Icelandic trials of shorter working weeks indicated that the trial was an outstanding success as workers’ productivity remained the same, but their mental health improved

Long-Forgotten Picasso Painting Found in a Closet in Maine

An unmembered Picasso painting, which was found in a closet in Maine, has been sold for more than $150,000

The AMG Character and its Future

The AMG acronym is likely to ignite excitement amongst petrol heads and the general automotive enthusiast

The Battle of Grunwald: A Medieval Conflict Still Bringing People Together

It is 611 years since the Battle of Grunwald, a medieval military engagement which is uniting communities to this day

Sir Richard Branson’s Unity Makes Successful Test Flight

Billionaire and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has successfully reached the edge of space during a test flight on board his Virgin Galactic rocket plane, Unity

Germany Bans the Production of New Disposable Plastic Products

From 3 July 2021, Germany has banned the production and sales of new single-use plastic products

Life-Saving Footie Fan Handed Euros Final Tickets

After missing England’s semi-final victory against Denmark in favour of donating his bone marrow to save a life, football fan Sam Astley has been offered exactly what he deserves

China Successfully Lands Probe on Mars

China has become the second country in history to have successfully landed a rover on Mars

Gareth Southgate’s England Side Can Inspire a Generation

England’s progress to the semi finals of Euro 2020 has captured the imaginations of a generation, and they have done so while staying true to their beliefs in one key gesture: taking the knee

Is Anything Watching us from Outer Space?

Using a change in approach, two US-based scientists have asked the question of whether life on Earth is visible from space – and have concluded some rather definitive answers

Does this New Chemical Uncover Mystery of How Birds Navigate?

A scientific study has discovered a new clue as to how birds migrate: a chemical in the eye of robins may hold the key

A Timeless Death for an American Legend, The Dodge Viper

Kiran Vasu provides an ode to an American motor classic – the Dodge Viper

First Transgender Athlete to Compete at The Olympic Games

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is set to become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics

Drone Farming is Taking Off

Drone farming is becoming increasingly available to smallholders, widening the possibility for sustainability, accuracy, and efficiency across the board

1,000-Year-Old Chicken Egg Discovered by Archaeologists in Israel

A 1,000-year-old chicken egg was discovered by archaeologists in Israel, the egg was able to survive for a whole millennium due to being buried in human waste

One Canyon, Five Million Years of Climate Change

An international team of researchers has carried out research in Kazakhstan, which has enabled a greater understanding of climate change, Vivienne Julie Berg has the details

Christian Eriksen: Denmark’s Euro 2020 Fairy Tale

Denmark completed an unlikely turnaround to qualify for the knockout stages just nine days after fans’ favourite Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch

United Airlines is Going Supersonic

United Airlines has announced plans to ‘return supersonic speeds to aviation’ by the year 2029

UK Allows More Gay and Bisexual Men to Donate Blood

Blood Donor Day, 14 June 2021, saw the UK Department of Health and Social Care extend blood donation possibilities for gay and bisexual men

Wojciech Paprota: The Man Bringing Payments Into Your Hands… Literally!

Thanks to Wojciech Paprota and Walletmor shoppers in Lublin, Poland will no longer experience the panic of forgetting their credit card: Instead, thanks to a revolutionary implant, payments can be made using one’s own hand

ESA Announces New Venus Exploration Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced last week that it will launch a new exploration mission to Venus in the hope of learning more about the history of our neighbouring planet

18 Million Trees for the Climate: The Clyde Climate Forest Project

Over the next decade, the city of Glasgow is planning to plant 18 million trees in the rural hinterland, on abandoned open cast coal mines, urban streets, derelict land, and other civic spaces

How Positive Thinking Can Assist You in Surviving a Global Pandemic

Research has shown that various techniques which use positive thinking can reduce anxiety in the midst of a pandemic

Tactful Conservation in the Yorkshire Dales and Malham Tarn Estate

The British Isles is home to many areas of natural beauty: The Parish Wild Life Project is ensuring that the legendary Yorkshire Dales retains its charm and enchanting character

Parrots in Captivity and Problem Parrots

Read about the difficulties that can come with keeping parrots as pets, and how the charity Problem Parrots acts to support these birds in finding a stable home

Three New Life Forms Discovered on the ISS

Three new life forms have been found in different locations on-board the International Space Station

King’s Cross Given the Signal to Put Period Product Distribution into Locomotion

Kings Cross steams ahead to become the first train station in the country with period product pick up points

A Roboat in Amsterdam: The New Autonomous Electric Boat Tested in the City’s Canals

Amsterdam’s ‘Roboat’ project aims to find new methods to navigate waterways, controlling traffic, and reducing pollution

Video Capsule Endoscopy is on the NHS Agenda

The attention of the NHS is turning towards video capsule endoscopy, as efforts to test and treat cancer are ramped up

Extinct Galápagos Tortoise Species Rediscovered Alive

A Giant Tortoise recently found on the Galápagos Islands was thought to have died out 112 years ago

Videogame Proven to Reduce ADHD Symptoms

A videogame created by Akili Interactive Labs has been proven to help reduce ADHD symptoms in 68% of eight to 17 year olds

Zero EV and Petrol to Electric Car Conversions

Take a look at Zero EV, the Bristol-based company that provides kits that convert older gasoline or diesel cars to solely electric power